John’s first band was Plan 9. Plan 9 has recorded much music and has toured nationally. John was a founding member and was in the band from 1979 to 1984. He played rhythm guitar and wrote such songs as “Green Animals” and “For Hillary”.

• • •

Certain Logic followed in 1984-85. John sang, played guitar, and wrote songs in this band which toured regionally and released a single “Runanway/Walkaway. John wrote the b-side: “Like A Ghost”.


After Certain Logic John experimented with video producing such music videos as “Mr. Evil Smile” and “Painnt!”

Veering back into music in 1987 John formed State Of Mind. The band produced a six song EP, “Spiraling Slowly” and toured regionally before breaking up in 1990. Next was a solo effort “Blissful Delusion”, a four song EP recorded in 1991. John wrote all the material and played all the instruments on it.

1993 saw the beginning of the Masked Man series. David Santurri starred as the Masked Man. There were four in all spanning from 1993 to 1998.

Ghostpainter was a murder/mystery vignette produced in 1995. It was John’s first attempt at serious drama.

He then wrote his first screenplay, adapting the H.P. Lovecraft story "Music of Eric Zahn".


John went back to making short music videos such as “Rain”, “Hot Cup Of Tea”, and “Evil Hearted You” , the later being a cover of a Yardbirds song. These were all completed in 1997.

• • •

1997 was also the year John began a different, more documentary style of filmmaking. He produced two videos of Russian and American life. This lead eventually to the abstract, experimental, documentary, video art piece, “Four Song Extended Play” finished in 2003.

The millennium saw John forming the rock band Zero. The band played locally and produced a six song CD entitled “White Wine Winter Light”. It disbanded in 2004.

• • •

In search of a script for a short film John came up with an idea on a boring plane ride back from the Grand canyon. The idea grew to become a feature length screenplay entitled "Eve's Strange" which was completed in 2005.

In 2007 John completed an experimental documentary video involving the now razed Tourtellot/Providence fruit and produce warehouse. Last year he finished a variety of short films including one about doing hair and make up for the RISD fashion show. In 2008 John rejoined old bandmates Plan 9 to record and play gigs until 2009 when he concentrated on writing the screenplay "His Perception of Her", directed his latest short in the Masked Man series, "BECAUSE" and recording his new song "I've Got a Secret".

John's next project will be producing a film from his screenplay, "His Perception of Her".